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Most people perform maintenance on their cars, air conditioners, and machinery with some regularity. Roof systems, though, seem to slip everyone’s minds… until it’s too late.

The roof is the most costly part of almost any building, and it’s the one that goes through more abuse than you can possibly imagine.roof repair Hickory NC 2

When warm days are followed by cool nights — a common pattern in North Carolina — the temperature change can cause thermal shock of up to 60 degrees in just a few hours. That’s to say nothing of the inclement-weather abuse that roofs sustain every year.

We’ll take a closer look at the daily struggle that a roof endures below. As a general overview, though, it’s important to understand at the outset that every roof needs maintenance.

Failure to regularly maintain your roof is an invitation for disaster. We’ve seen it too many times. No matter how good your materials are, and no matter how excellently installed the roof was on Day One, there is no such thing as an eternal roof.

Investing a little money in maintenance now will spare you enormous expenditures in the future. If your roof ever fails due to lack of maintenance, you’re looking not only at the cost of a brand-new roof but also all of the internal damage that a failing roof can cause, as well as the loss of operating income while you repair it.

Inadequate roof maintenance can even create a danger for the people under your roof. You can protect them (and yourself) with routine inspection and reasonable maintenance.

Remember: annual roof maintenance saves most businesses many thousands of dollars in future repair, replacement, damage, and liability costs.

Wallace Sheet Metal and Roofing Co., Inc. is the leading provider of Hickory roof repair and maintenance. Our company pioneered commercial roofing in Catawba County more than half a century ago, and we still lead the pack today.

There is no other company in which your investment is better entrusted. You can count on us, just as so many businesses in the Catawba Valley have (and still do).

When you need Hickory roof repair and maintenance, call Wallace Roofing right away.

Why Roofs Need Maintenance 

If you stood outside for an entire year, how do you think you’d feel on the 365th day? Just imagine what your roof feels like!

Granted, roofing materials are a lot more durable than flesh and bones, but they aren’t invincible. Even everyday weather events take a toll over time.

Common causes of roof disrepair include:

  • Thermal shock (large changes in temperature in a short period of time)
  • Lightning
  • Very heavy rains
  • Ice and snow
  • Hailstorms (capable of causing serious damage in mere minutes)
  • Prolonged periods of below-freezing temperatures (even just a few days)
  • Windstorms that blow tree limbs across the roof or disrupt shingles
  • High winds that blow flashing loose
  • Hurricanes and tornadoes
  • Building movement due to high wind
  • Trucks, forklifts, and cranes that bump into your building
  • Damage accidentally caused by other construction crews
  • Chemical discharge (capable of deteriorating an entire roof in mere months)

Our Annual Roof Maintenance Warranty

In most cases, we are able to offer an Annual Roof Maintenance Warranty, which guarantees you against leaks in between your annual maintenances.

Our warranty delivers valuable peace of mind and potential savings that can last an entire year. Customers tell us that it’s one of the gestures they appreciate the most. Call our office and ask for details if you’d like to learn more.

Why Roofs Need Inspection

One of the biggest dangers in roof damage is that problems aren’t always immediately apparent — especially to the untrained eye. But problems don’t go away. On the contrary, they grow bigger and worse.

A small or hidden problem can quickly evolve into costly and irreparable damage if it isn’t fixed right away.

Our Hickory roof repair and maintenance experts can help you identify and resolve commercial roofing problems before they become nightmares.

Roof Repair Hickory NC

If your roof is already in need of repair, we can help. With efficient and effective roof repair, you and your business can be back and running like new in no time.

Why choose Wallace Roofing? Simply put, there is no other name in North Carolina roofing that has been trusted as widely or for as long as ours. We care about our legacy, and we’re passionate about the quality of our work.

You deserve the best roof repairs available. After all, the more effective your repairs are now, the less you’ll need to spend on them again in the future. Long-lasting quality is our goal.

With more than fifty years of experience in Hickory roof repair and maintenance, Wallace Roofing is simply the best roofing company in Catawba County.

Protect your roof — give us a call today.

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